Terex Advance Agrees to Integrate Cummins X15H

SOURCE: Cummins Inc. | September 18, 2023

Columbus, Ind. — Cummins Inc. and Terex Advance, a leading manufacturer of front-discharge concrete mixer trucks, announced Monday the signing of a Letter of Intent to integrate Cummins’ X15H hydrogen internal combustion engines into the Terex Advance Commander Series.

Currently powered by Cummins diesel engines, the Terex Advance Commander Series will include a zero-carbon hydrogen fuel option when series production of Cummins’ X15H engines begins later this decade.

Part of Cummins’ industry-first fuel-agnostic platform, the X15H is based on familiar internal combustion engine technology. Integration into the truck chassis is straightforward and does not require a major overhaul of vehicle designs or business operations. The significant commonality between the X15H and Cummins’ existing diesel platforms facilitates scale advantages in parts procurement and supports existing maintenance practices.

“As the global need to reduce emissions becomes stronger, we are actively pursuing practical, cost-effective strategies to help our ready-mix customers decarbonize. Cummins’ X15H is a feasible zero-carbon option for our renowned front-discharge mixer trucks, and we are eagerly anticipating the future deployment of this technology,” said David Grabner, General Manager at Terex Advance.

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