Crusher Versatility and Reliability with Pennsylvania Crushers, a TerraSource Global Brand

Pennsylvania Crusher – Posimetric Feeder
Versatile handling of all materials! Sticky, lumpy, wet or dry – our Posimetric Feeder has you covered.

TerraSource Global Pennsylvania Crusher

  • Reliably accurate and exceptionally constant feed rates
  • Only a single moving part
  • No fugitive dust produced
  • Handles bulk solid materials with a broad range of bulk densities – as well as mixed loads – whether wet, dry, lumpy, sticky, abrasive, or granular
  • Not subject to feed rate error from varying moisture levels in feed material
  • Plugging and downtime are virtually a thing of the past
  • Maintenance is almost non-existent – this feeder has no belts and requires almost no attention
  • Provides a level of trouble-free operation unknown with ordinary feeders
  • Capacities from 3 to 1800 TPH
  • Rotation speeds as low as 1/2 to 15 RPM using extremely low horsepower – your material provides most of the power!
  • Seals against downstream suction or pressure
  • Unvarying accuracy – up to 99.5%.
  • Replaces rotary, table, weigh feeders, and triple-gates with an incredibly uniform feed rate and always delivers a precise amount of material
  • Improves plant safety because it’s dust free

Pennsylvania Crusher Reversible Impactors
When Versatility, Reliability, and Long Service Life Matter!

The Pennsylvania Crusher reversible impactor uses steel hammers to fracture material along its natural fault lines, reducing it into smaller pieces. The pieces then strike stationary breaker blocks, further reducing their size. This process continues until the sized material exits through the open bottom of the crusher. This method produces a cubical product and can achieve high reduction ratios of up to 35 to 1, depending on the material’s friability. The crusher’s open bottom prevents overcrushing and excessive production of fines, while also allowing for smooth material flow. Compared to hammermill grate-type crushers, this design requires half or less power and reduces the chances of plugging when processing high moisture materials.

Pennsylvania Crusher brand reversible impactors are available in a variety of models:

  • Model CAL – the culmination of more than 75 years of design improvements make these reversible impactors the preferred choice in nearly every segment of the mineral processing industry due to their excellent reliability, impressive ruggedness, and superb peformance, coupled with low initial cost and low maintenance costs.
  • Model CA – with their extra-heavy-duty construction – the most robust in the industry – these reversible impactors include all of the features of the model CAL while specifically designed to handle larger input sizes and higher capacities with ease, ensuring reliable duty and long service life even under the harshest conditions.
  • Models CXF and CXC – with their smaller input sizes, these compact reversible impactors are well suited for production at lower capacities. The model CXF is equipped with fixed breaker blocks throughout while the model CXC uses fixed upper breaker blocks and adjustable lower breaker blocks – the latter allowing you to vary the gradation of the output to suit your needs as well as more easily maintain gradation over the life of the crushing components.

Gundlach Crushers Cage-Paktor
The Cage Mill designed for the lowest product oversize, highest product yield and best crushing efficiency.

The CAGE-PAKTOR is the first cage mill to make cage replacement fast and easy. Only Gundlach’s exclusive cage mill design saves you hours of labor by eliminating drive removal, realignment, and setup.
TerraSource Global Pennsylvania CrusherAdvantages

  • Its Versatility – Sizes 100 mm feeds to 2 mm product
  • Uniform Crushing – Materials with sufficient mass are crushed while already-to-size materials pass through
  • Economy – Economical design requires no screens and only crushes oversized material. More selective crushing reduces power requirements and operating costs. Putting both drives on one side minimizes cost and maximizes productivity
  • Compact – Unique design requires less floor space
  • No Adjustments Needed – The striking plate maintains desired product size during the life of the plate
  • Easy Maintenance – Swing-away door gives immediate cage access without the need to remove components
  • Exclusive Shaft-Within-a-Shaft Design Makes for Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance

Pennsylvania Crusher Granulators
TerraSource Global Pennsylvania CrusherCrushing Efficiency Redefined: Experience the Power of the TKK Koal-King® Granulator.

Advantages of Superior Technology

  • Unique Access Arrangement – In most sizes, the entire rear quadrant is hinged and swings completely open, exposing the entire rotor assembly and much of the crushing chamber. This produces unhindered access for complete removal of the rotor assembly and hammer replacement without disturbing other elements of the feed system.
  • Bearing Housings – The split design of the bearing housings allows the bearings to be easily flushed and lubricated without having to remove them from the shaft.
  • Screen Cage – Special slots of the granulator’s screen cage create a very high ratio of open area, enabling it to handle even the most difficult, sticky feed with no problem.
  • Output Size Adjustment – To maintain the correct output size, the screen cage can be adjusted to compensate for normal wear, a task performed by external screw mechanisms.
  • Hammers – Our toothed ring, forged steel hammers have a special profile that crushes more efficiently and provides extended service life compared to third-party offerings. The hammers are strategically arranged for full coverage of the cage, producing far more consistent crushing and more uniform wear of the screen cage.
  • Duralife Hammers – TerraSource’s Duralife premium hammers are engineered with special advanced alloys that optimize wear resistance and toughness. This line ensures better wear and higher shock resistance, minimizing the potential for cracking
  • Crusher Protection – Uncrushable debris is directed into an integral tramp iron trap, easily reached through an access panel for routine maintenance.
  • No Flywheel – The weight of the rotor assembly alone creates sufficient inertia, eliminating the need for an external flywheel and related hazards to plant personnel.

Gundlach’s Double Roll Crusher
Dozens of roll configurations available to meet your specific application needs.

TerraSource GlobalTerraSource Global

Optional Nitroil® Tramp Metal Protection System


  • Only crusher able to product cubical product with uniform sizing and less fines
  • Slow roll speed, low horsepower – reduces power consumption and operational costs
  • Accepts large feed sizes up to 1200 mm
  • Minimal fines generation
  • Excellent top size control without slabbing
  • Throughput can range from 10 TPH up to over 6000 TPH
  • Product size adjustment in a few minutes while crusher is running
  • Optional Nitroil® Tramp Metal Protection System
  • Ease of maintenance through features such as coupling mounted rolls that can be replaced in hours
  • Flexible machine configurations for maximum control of product size

Check out the full range of Gundlach Crusher and Roll Options

Gundlach’s New Generation style Cage-Paktor® Cages
Dozens of roll configurations available to meet your specific application needs

TerraSource GlobalTerraSource Global

  • Superior durability
  • High top-size yield with minimize fines
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Easier, faster and safer maintenance
  • No excessive oversizes
  • Longer intervals between maintenance due to greater overall wear resistance
  • Lower maintenance costs due to quicker maintenance time
  • Fully interchangeable with existing machines
  • Improved lead time with plug & play parts
  • Low power consumption per ton

Check out the cool animation showing the new re-engineered cages that provide substantially more wear resistance than competitor models

Jeffrey Rader’s EnduraHog Flextooth® Model
Designed for hard materials in the aggregates and mining industries.

Its specialized hammers offer maximum power at more efficient speeds, and provide additional protection from uncrushables.

TerraSource Global
TerraSource Global

Easy Access to Internal Wear Components for Easy Maintenance


  • Easy access to internal wear components with new housing upgrades and ultra-large doors that offer the safest, fastest, and easiest options for getting to hammers, rotors, and liners.
  • Maintenance operators can quickly perform routine maintenance with minimal downtime and lower risk of injury.
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Slant-Flow® screen grates are unique to our EnduraHogs. Their patented design provides more shredding action and allows the material to evacuate faster and allow customers to gain additional efficiency and cost-effectiveness due to less clogging and diminished fines, with less chance for overall operational failure.

EnduraHogs™ are the new industry standard, these premium array of material-sizing equipment are perfect for multiple industries, including mining, forest products, waste and recycling, and much more.

Check out this cool animation of our new EnduraHog line of hammermills!

Jeffrey Rader’s NFE Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder
Enhanced design innovations provide easier maintenance and energy efficient handling of larger loads.

Jeffrey Rader® brand NFE Electromechanical Vibrating Feeders are precision tuned near materials own natural frequencies, meaning burden and damping actually boost feeder performance.

TerraSource Global

  • Rugged Deck Design
  • Exciter Assembly
  • Rugged, vibration resistant spring retention
  • Vibrating Motors
  • Frequency Controls
  • Minimum Drive, Maximum Load
  • Minimum Stroke Variation
  • Feeder Capacities & Dimensions
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Easier maintenance
  • Better safety
  • CE compliant

Check out the new Jeffrey Rader NFE Feeder. Near-zero maintenance, energy efficient, smaller footprint.

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    TerraSource Global is proud to be a preferred, mission-critical partner for hundreds of companies whose growth and profitability depend on efficient, durable, and cost-effective solutions for sizing, processing, and handling the raw materials that power, build and renew our world.

    For decades, machines from our flagship brands – Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader, Pennsylvania Crusher, and our newly acquired Elgin Separation Solutions – have been considered standard components for the core processes that drive industries such as mining, energy, aggregates, limestone, cement and many others. Our broad product line includes multiple types of sizing and handling machinery such as single-roll to multi-roll crushers, hammermills, impactors, vibratory feeders, jaw crushers, cage mills, and much more.

    This wide range of capabilities means TerraSource Global can offer the real product choice our customers require to perform vital, interconnected functions across their specific value chain. We round out our robust solution offerings with extensive expertise gained from the cumulative knowledge and experience of our unified global team of highly skilled technology, engineering, field services and customer support professionals. To enhance our customers’ long-term return on investment, we offer a comprehensive OEM parts catalog, as well as popular and cost-effective programs for complete rebuilds and retrofits.

    Every year, we sell to and provide local service for thousands of customers around the world, ranging from well-known multinational companies to smaller, family-run businesses. Not only does TerraSource Global have a large install base of equipment operating throughout North America as well as in 65 countries worldwide, but we have also made significant investments in manufacturing, sourcing, and engineering capabilities in both North America and Asia.

    At the core of our success, though, are the outstanding people that make up the TerraSource Global team: 

    • Our customers know that when they work with TerraSource, they’ll be working alongside a talented and knowledgeable network of expert sales agents and representatives, most with decades of hands-on industry experience.

    • Our local field service teams bring their extensive technical training and industry-applications background to every customer visit, ensuring that customer needs are quickly and effectively diagnosed, and equipment is kept running at optimal performance levels, with minimal downtimes.

    • The members of our engineering team are true professionals and bring a genuine innovation mindset to each project, making sure they partner with customers to create the specific solution needed to ensure a successful implementation. They also partner with customers in our Demonstration & Testing Center to evaluate equipment, test materials, and develop new solutions for unique applications. Activities conducted in the Center include equipment demonstrations; product development support; crushing and feeding evaluations; and customer trainings on machines and maintenance.

    • The TerraSource global supply chain team is strategically positioned to manufacture and deliver what our customers need, when they need it, at the high quality they demand.

    • Our expanded global customer service teams are dedicated to ensuring fast turnaround on all orders and enquiries and providing our new and existing customers the support they need to keep their operations running effectively.

    The entire TerraSource Global team is here to do one thing: Provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to ensure our customers’ businesses operate smoothly and are positioned for enduring success and profitability.

    The future is bright for TerraSource. We know customers stay our customers for several key reasons, and much of this loyalty is based on our ability to provide outstanding products, robust engineering and technical know-how, and prompt, reliable service. Our company is a smart and nimble organization, with a lean mindset, committed to continuous improvement, which means we have the capacity to evolve and adapt as markets and customer needs change. We are committed to listening to our customers, anticipating their future needs, proactively developing the right solutions for them – delivered on time – and consistently meeting their expectations for seamless operations and minimal down times.

    We encourage people in the mining, power, and renewables industries to partner with us, either as a customer, vendor, supplier, or team member, and gain from all the benefits TerraSource Global, and the entire Right Lane Industries (RLI) family of companies, has to offer.