Gorman-Rupp Offers Diaphragm Priming System on PA6C60 Electric-Driven Pump Models

Gorman-Rupp is now offering the integrally-mounted diaphragm primer as an option on PA6C60 electric-driven Prime Aire® pump models. An alternative to the venturi/compressor priming system on Gorman-Rupp’s priming-assisted pump models, the diaphragm priming system delivers up to 60 CFM (1700 LPM), a vacuum to 30’ (9.1 m) and is rated for temperatures as low as 15° F (-9.4° C).

Gorman-Rupp Electric-Driven Pumps
With fewer components, the new primer offers reliability and increased efficiency, as well as higher lifts. Reversed air flow and thinner valves help any liquids entering the primer to escape easily compared to similar systems in the marketplace. The new primer’s single bearing housing has fewer leak paths and alignment issues compared to dual bearing housing alternatives.This electric-driven pump is constructed of ductile iron and is designed to pass 3” (76.2 mm) solids. This model features dual-side suction capability and a removable clean-out coverplate in the event of a clog. For applications dealing with bags, rags or other stingy solids, the PA6C60 is available with the Eradicator® wearplate for increased solids-handling capability.

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