Advanced Detection Systems’ SurroundScan Protector Series Are Robust, Reliable and Easy to Use


Advanced Detection Systems SurroundScan
Protect your Processing Equipment and Prevent Costly DowntimeAdvanced Detection Systems SurroundScan
Advanced Detection Systems’ Protector Metal Detectors are designed to detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metals out of bulk material which ensures product purity and protects processing equipment. We engineer our metal detectors to withstand tough applications and thrive in harsh environments. The Protector’s removable end plate facilitates easy installation and can come as a complete system configuration with splice sensor and metal marking accessories.Advanced Detection Systems SurroundScan

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    The best patented technology available today. Proven detection that finds the metal and prevents costly repairs and downtime. Manufactured in the USA, Advanced Detection Systems provides quick delivery time and technical support from experts that know the rigors and demands of the marketplace.

    Regardless of how small or how complicated, Advanced Detection Systems is capable of custom designing and manufacturing each system to your exact specification. A truly unique approach to solving the strictest detection requirements.