DSC Dredge Announces Retirement of Chris Webre After 20 Years of Service

SOURCE: DSC Dredge | March 17, 2023

Reserve, Louisiana – DSC Dredge, a global leader in manufacturing customized dredges, after two decades of service announced the retirement of Chris Webre with its organization. Chris joined the DSC team in 2003 as a Millwright Tech III and over the years continued to master his skills. 

At his retirement luncheon, co-workers were asked to share their experiences and any words they may have. Their contributions were limitless.  Here are some of the kind words shared. 

William Wetta, Senior Vice President of Product Development and CTO

“Today marks the end of an era at DSC Dredge. It is hard to put into words the profound impact Chris has had on each of us, and the Company.  Chris’ steady, humble, and reliable leadership has benefited the lives of so many of us that he will truly be missed. I wish him well as he begins his well-deserved retirement.” 

Nicky Giarratano, VP of Manufacturing 

“Chris has played an intricate part in the growth of DSC. He is one of the most dedicated persons I have ever met when it comes to his job, as well as his fellow workers.  His character is beyond reproach and he would stop everything he was doing to assist his peers, he was also always willing to train whenever the opportunity arose. It has been a great pleasure knowing and working with Chris and while he hoped to stay on longer, he was ready to start a new chapter in his life with a new venture.  On behalf of everyone in the manufacturing department we wish Chris best of luck with his future endeavors.”

Greg Ordoyne, Production Manager and Troy Redwine, Millwright Foreman

“Chris has been working with DSC for a long while and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done correctly. Chris played a big part in the hydraulic department and over the years he has passed on a lot of knowledge to others. He will truly be missed by his peers.”

April Johnson, Human Resource Manager

“Chris will be deeply missed by each and everyone here are DSC Dredge.  His loyalty is beyond measure and his skill and knowledge has been essential to the company. I am grateful for the time he has dedicated to DSC and wish him all the best.”

At the close of Chris’s farewell luncheon President and CEO, Robert (Bob) Wetta presented him with a token of appreciation and noted, “those of us who interacted with Chris admired him for not only his work ethics and efforts, but also for his personal lifetime values as a devoted husband. He has consistently treated everyone with respect and dignity and on behalf of the entire Executive team, and the entire DSC family, I want to  thank Chris for his dedication and service to the Company throughout an illustrious career. We wish him the very best as he moves on.” 

Upon receiving his token, Chris stated, “I have enjoyed working at DSC these last 20 years, it’s truly a family atmosphere. The company really cares about everyone and I cannot express how much I appreciate the owners Bob and Bill Wetta for all they have done for me and my family.” On the verge of tears, he added, “when my wife was sick I was given all the time I needed to care for her and attend to her needs without question… I am forever thankful.  I am thankful for Bob and Bill, for all my coworkers, my supervisor and for Nicky Giarratano for believing in me and giving me the chance and opportunity to work for such a great company; all I can say is thank you.”

DSC is a global leader in the dredge manufacturing industry, engineering superior customized dredging solutions to meet specific application needs, while continuing to exceed customer expectations.  DSC Dredge designs and manufactures high quality, durable cutter suction and underwater pump mining dredges.  At DSC Dredge, we help customers make THE RIGHT CHOICE.  Quality, Innovation, Service, Commitment and Customization are key DSC attributes which explain the reasons customers choose to work with DSC. DSC Dredge operates from three manufacturing facilities located in Reserve, LA, Poplarville, MS, and Greenbush, MI.  

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Customers who place their trust in DSC Dredge experience added benefits that go far beyond simply purchasing the right dredge. We forge a long-term relationship with you through our one-on-one attention to your unique story, working with your application details and applying our engineering expertise. We round out your experience with our ongoing operations training and timely, knowledgeable parts and service support. The hallmarks of our success are our commitment to our Customers, paired with our Designs, Customization, Quality, Value and Resale worth.

Dredge Equipment Customization
At DSC Dredge, we specialize in customizing dredging equipment to meet the exact requirements of your unique application. DSC Dredge employs the largest dredge design/engineering team among all North American and most global manufacturers. Our roots go back more than 60 years as a family-owned and -operated dredge manufacturer. And during that time, we have built hundreds of dredges. Our six standard dredge models are world-class. But our strength lies in our ability to modify or custom design any dredge to fit almost any application.

How do we do it?

  • We explore all of the details of your project, such as the materials being dredged, length of flow run, depths, discharge point elevation, engine and pump preference and any other relevant information.
  • You may require extreme dredging depths, deeper hulls or increased excavation power. We can make all of that happen and more.
  • We involve you in every aspect of building your dredge—from specification and options to manufacture to delivery, training and maintenance.
  • Upon delivery, your dredge typically will be assembled by DSC Dredge personnel and placed in service only after we run it through intensive testing.
  • We then fully train your operating staff to ensure they understand the unit and its functions, so they can quickly and competently begin dredging your project.

Dredge Operation Training and Education
DSC Dredge offers numerous different and flexible training options for companies that are new DSC dredge owners. We also offer training to any company that seeks to educate its personnel on dredge operation, mine planning, dredge maintenance or maximizing dredging efficiency—even if the company operates other dredge brands.

All new DSC Dredge owners have access to a 2-day training course at DSC’s primary U.S. training facility in Reserve, Louisiana, as well as onsite operational training when the dredge is officially launched. The first day of training reviews the fundamentals of dredging, while the second day focuses on the specific operations and maintenance of the new dredge. For more information about DSC Dredge’s training options, please visit website.

Ongoing Customer Support
DSC Dredge’s Product Support Services team are the people our customers turn to throughout the entire time they own our equipment, to help keep them operating at peak efficiency and minimize downtime. The DSC Dredge product support services department offers dredge repairs and maintenance, training, retrofits, fitness surveys and dredge relocations. We also conduct onsite dredging equipment surveys, with recommendations for equipment upgrades and improvements that will increase production.