Bunting’s Heavy-Duty Aggregate and Mining Magnets

Bunting’s heavy-duty aggregate and mining magnets are built for maximum metal attraction.

Bunting Magnetics Suspended Plate Magnets
Suspended magnets reliably remove tramp iron from coal, stone, asphalt, ores, crushed concrete and other materials. Bunting manufacturers suspension magnets in permanent, air-cooled electromagnetic, and oil-cooled electromagnetic models and cover a full range of conveyor widths.Bunting Magnetics ElectroMax Compact Air-Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator
Bunting’s ElectroMax is 185% stronger and 25% lighter than comparable permanent crossbelt magnets and is ideal for the removal of heavy tramp ferrous metals. The coil design does not require a cooling system and eliminates the need for oil and oil tank; reducing the cost to maintain the Electro Magnet. No Tank requirements equals a more compact design and a lower profile. The ElectroMax is available with belt width applications from 36” to 48”.Bunting Magnetics
Magnetic Pulleys
Magnetic pulleys, manufactured for maximum reach-out, continuously remove ferrous metals from conveyors, such as nails, staples, bolts, and wire. Two permanent magnet options are available: ceramic or the recovery of large ferrous tramp metal, and extremely powerful rare earth magnets for extracting wire and other small metal from your production. Bunting’s magnetic pulleys are available to suit a wide range of conveyor widths.Bunting Magnetics TN77 Metal Detector
The TN 77 is a tunnel-style metal detector that is easily installed on existing conveyor systems to inspect materials for tramp iron. The TN 77 provides reliable protection against screen & crusher damage. Our metal detectors are you last line of defense for crusher catastrophe.

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    Bunting is committed to helping customers across the mining & aggregates industry to “break ground” as our equipment assists them in solving challenging problems. We “dig down” to find the root cause of their problems and use specialty software to custom-design the best solutions to fit the customer’s needs. We offer exceptionally rugged magnets and heavy-duty magnetic separation equipment specifically to cater to customers in the aggregate, mining, and mineral industries. Working with these materials is tough, but Bunting equipment is even tougher. Our magnetic separation and metal detection equipment will protect the other equipment utilized in your facility and allow you to deliver the highest purity product to your customers. With international headquarters in Newton, Kansas, Bunting has modern manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and England. Discover what Bunting can do for you.