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Benetech SmartZone® for Silica (RCS) Dust Control
BENETECH SmartZone for Silica (RCS) dust control, Safety by design and easy maintenance…. The Benetech SmartZone has been co-developed and tested with NIOSH to accomplish silica dust reduction to meet or exceed MSHA air quality standards.

Benetech Dust Control Programs

MaxZone XN Liner® and Load Zone
Features of the product/system include patented proprietary technology to focus on personnel safety, ease of maintenance, and minimal fugitive dust and spillage. Components eliminate the need for confined space entry to service, including the MaxZone enclosure with XN Liner as shown below….

Benetech Dust Control Programs

DUSTINATOR® for Belt Conveyor – Active
In addition to the enclosure features and benefits, peripheral equipment communicates between components to complete the task of respirable silica dust control with minimal use of resources. NIOSH has tested the Dustinator with results that show RCS reduction of >95%. The Dustinator and MiniPak® are integral to the SmartZone as shown below. The modular design of the SmartZone allows tremendous flexibility in-field application and location for the equipment to help meet or exceed air quality standards….


  • Active system for conveyor mount
  • Inlet port for blower
  • Self-cleaning
  • Sensors, IoT web-enabled, reports system status
  • Robust aluminum construction (weatherproof)
  • Labyrinth seals at top and bottom of the enclosure
  • Magnetic base and flange attachment
  • Robust cartridge filters, *Merv 15
  • *Exceeds 95% efficiency, 1-3 micron particle size
Benetech Dust Control Programs
Benetech Dust Control Programs

SmartZone – Value Added Technology
MiniPak® – Patented “smart” chemical binder metering system

Benetech Dust Control Programs
Benetech Dust Control Programs

The communication features allow the SmartZone equipment to operate efficiently and on an “as needed” basis to minimize resource usage while ensuring respirable silica dust control. In addition, the MiniPak is a unit that uses the water pressure, instead of power, as a source to operate. End result… Personnel safety in the workplace environment with equipment that requires minimal downtime for service or maintenance that can be accomplished without confined space entry.

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    Benetech is respected as a global leader in comprehensive, performance-based compliance programs that ensure safe and efficient bulk material handling systems—designed to address the laws and guidelines enforced by OSHA, EPA, MSHA, and other governing bodies. Benetech’s programs are built to help its clients meet all regulatory requirements while enhancing operations with a complete range of technologies and services. Benetech’s programs address a wide range of issues in the bulk material handling systems at pulp mills, sawmills, mines, coal-fired electric generating plants, refineries, steel mills, cement plants, coal trans-loading facilities, aggregate, and stone operations.