Carrier/S.Howes Customized Mixing Equipment

Our mixing equipment uses a ribbon or paddle agitator, and includes full custom designed mixing systems, as well as the Mixall, Powermix, Sanimix, Pug Mills, continuous Mixers, and thermal mixers. All mixers can be completely unique to match any materials and requirements.

Carrier/S.Howes Mixing Equipment
Carrier/S.Howes Mixing Equipment

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    3400 Fern Valley Rd Louisville, KY 40213 USA
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    For over 70 years, Carrier Vibrating Equipment has been engineering and manufacturing heavy-duty vibrating equipment for a wide range of industries.  Every piece of our equipment is custom built to meet specific requirements and solve processing issues.
    Carrier is 100% employee-owned and employees are able to draw from a deep well of vibratory process market experience while taking personal ownership of each and every piece of equipment built.

    Our 250,000 square-foot facility serves as our manufacturing and administrative headquarters, as well as the base for our service and aftermarket parts departments. If your equipment needs replacement parts or a service call, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can get most parts mailed within 24 hours.