Carrier Vibrating Equipment’s Heavy-Duty Screeners for Mining and Aggregates are Custom Designed

Carrier Vibrating Equipment’s heavy-duty screeners for mining and aggregates are custom designed for each application to allow for the ability to screen, scalp, dewater, or separate a wide variety of wet or dry materials.

Carrier Vibrating Heavy-Duty Screeners

Capable of 1,500 tons per hour, Carrier screeners can have up to five separate screening decks on a single piece of equipment with side, end, intermediate, straight, or bias discharges.  High temperature options are also available, able to handle material up to 2000 deg F.

Carrier Vibrating Heavy-Duty Screeners

Due to the special tuned, two-mass, natural frequency and brute force designs the screeners can be up to 10 feet wide and 200 feet long with fixed or adjustable feed rate abilities.

Carrier Vibrating Heavy-Duty Screeners
Carrier Vibrating Heavy-Duty Screeners

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    For over 70 years, Carrier Vibrating Equipment has been engineering and manufacturing heavy-duty vibrating equipment for a wide range of industries.  Every piece of our equipment is custom built to meet specific requirements and solve processing issues.
    Carrier is 100% employee-owned and employees are able to draw from a deep well of vibratory process market experience while taking personal ownership of each and every piece of equipment built.

    Our 250,000 square-foot facility serves as our manufacturing and administrative headquarters, as well as the base for our service and aftermarket parts departments. If your equipment needs replacement parts or a service call, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can get most parts mailed within 24 hours.