Achieve Complete Plant Status at A Glance with Libra Drum-Optimize Production, Standardize Workflow, Simplify Maintenance

SOURCE: Command Alkon | June 30, 2021

Birmingham, AL– Command Alkon, the global leader in comprehensive supply chain technology solutions for heavy building materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers, introduces Libra Drum to capture real-time visibility and control for blending and total plant automation. With Libra Drum, a fully graphic operator interface eases monitoring complex drum control operations to increase production and accuracy and seamlessly integrate with overhead loadout.

“Libra Drum is reputable for reliability, configurability and accuracy,” said Greg Fleisch, Libra Sales Manager at Command Alkon. “The system’s highly customizable design allows the user to design custom software switches, create reports, and adapt to the current and future plant control requirements.”

Each bin can hold multiple materials at multiple calibration points, increasing productivity and efficiency. The system is simple to read and provides complete plant status at a glance.

“Every plant operator understands how one disruption can significantly impact the entire organization’s financial health,” said Dave Baker, Libra Operations Manager at Command Alkon “Libra Drum monitors motor currents and plant parameters to aid optimization of efficiencies and allow predictive maintenance before failures take down the plant.”

Dynamic, color-coded graphics provide at-a-glance status pertaining to valve changes, material flow, tank lev­els, temperatures, interlocks, and any alarm conditions that require the operator’s attention.

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