The Extended Applications of Strata Worldwide’s HazardAvert® Proximity Detection Systems (PDS)

Proximity detection systems in mining have been developed and implemented to enhance the safety of people working in and around mobile machinery. But what about potential dangers associated with fixed equipment that have moving parts?

Strata Worldwide HazardAvert

Strata Worldwide’s HazardAvert® is a global leading proximity detection and collision avoidance system that meets EMESRT level 9 safety standards. This means the system can be programmed to interface with equipment and completely stop machinery in an emergency situation.

The applications for HazardAvert have been proven to be nearly limitless, and thanks to the flexibility of the technology, coupled with the skilled experience of Strata engineers, HazardAvert can be uniquely configured for specific safety needs on any type of equipment.

Strata Worldwide HazardAvert

HazardAvert is a near-field proximity detection technology that defines hazardous areas around mobile equipment using highly stable electromagnetic fields. The system emits audible and visual warning alarms when a person or vehicle, equipped with HazardAvert, enters this perimeter.

To date, HazardAvert has been deployed on many different makes, models and various sizes of equipment in mining, tunneling and construction work environments around the world. A substantial part of HazardAvert’s future is rooted in stationary equipment that has moving parts, such as feeder breakers, conveyor belts and mobile conveyor belt bridges.

Studies have revealed that a leading cause of worker injuries can be attributed to fixed conveyors and conveyor bridges. This vital equipment is also vulnerable to damage by unintentional contact by large machinery. HazardAvert® Perimeter Guard™, a perimeter zoning configuration using a linear cable, has been developed to provide a custom and well-defined warning and hazard zone for conveyor belts and bridges, including coverage over the high-risk mobile components.

Just as the system does on fully mobile machinery, HazardAvert will audibly and visually warn personnel and vehicle operators as they unintentionally move too close to the belts and their moving components. The technology can also be interlocked into the controls to enable automatic slowing and/or stopping of the equipment in order to prevent an accident.

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    Strata Worldwide , established in 1992, has spent decades becoming a leading global provider of many products, services and technologies that are vital to bringing the highest level of safety to mining operations across the globe.

    From its global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Strata has built upon a diverse product portfolio that includes the leading proximity detection and collision avoidance technology, HazardAvert®. HazardAvert, designed to increase miners’ safety while working around heavy machinery, promotes safer working practices through increased safety awareness and modified worker behavior. It works to prevented accidents and collisions which in-turn improves overall productivity and efficiency.