MSHA Confirms Seventh Fatality in 2021

SOURCE: MSHA | April 4, 2021

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has confirmed a miner was fatally injured while attempting to insert a steel pin into a spud beam. it reports that it is the seventh fatality of 2021.

Best Practices: 

  • Always assure hoisted equipment movement has stopped and the hoist operator has set the brake before working on hoisted equipment. 
  • Assure the hoist operator can see miners working on hoisted equipment.
  • Establish an effective communication protocol, which includes confirmation of instructions, between the hoist operator and miners working on hoisted equipment.
  • Position yourself in a safe location to maintain balance and protection from any energy of cantilevering tools or objects.
  • Stay in a Safe Zone when working around cables and sheave wheel systems.
  • Always maintain a work area that is clean and clear of debris.
  • Train equipment operators in the safe performance of their tasks and potential hazards.

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