Eriez Expands Plant in Pennsylvania

SOURCE: February 24, 2021

Eriez has expanded its Wager Road facility in Erie, Pennsylvania, to support global initiatives for research and development (R&D) and aftermarket repair and testing. 

Eriez says the plant expansion adds 38,000 square feet to the existing building, bringing it to 148,000 square feet.

It includes adding another manufacturing bay to the current plant. Initially, there will be a new recycling test centre established that provides large equipment demonstration testing capabilities.

Another section of the new manufacturing bay is additional floor space for the aftermarket repair centre. 

According to Eriez, the footprint of the new repair centre will double in size as a result of this expansion. 

The final section within the new manufacturing bay will be a new R&D area that will support new global product development programmes.

Additionally, the expansion includes a new laboratory that will house the electronics product development activities. It will include a main product test area, an electrical hardware development lab, a magnetics testing and materials lab and a software and circuit board development area.

Eriez-USA vice president Tim Gland says, “The expanded repair, testing, demonstration and R&D areas will allow us to complete even bigger projects and pilot tests, speed up and enhance product development activities, and offer additional aftermarket repair capabilities with faster turnaround times.”

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