Cemex to Address US Cement Shortages 

SOURCE: Cemex USA | February 15, 2021

Part of the optimisation includes an investment of approximately $15 million to recommission a kiln with a production capacity of about 1 million tonnes of cement annually at the CPN cement plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The investment is expected to create more than 130 jobs in Mexico.

Joel Galassini, Cemex USA executive vice president — cement commercial, says: “Many cement customers in California, Arizona and Nevada have been impacted by supply constraints this past year. The decision to recommission this kiln was made with our customers top of mind, to give them reliable access through a local supply chain to help meet their growing needs.”

Cemex says it currently supplies more than three million tonnes of cement each year across California, Arizona, and Nevada from its Victorville, California, cement plant, and sea-borne imports.

The kiln restart at the plant in Mexico, increased efficiencies at the Victorville cement plant in California and other supply chain modifications are planned to help the company deliver hundreds of thousands of additional tonnes of cement through its local supply chain.

Cemex USA regional president—Arizona region David Nabavi, says: “With the kiln going back into operation, we are leveraging our strong network and local assets at Cemex to help meet the increased construction needs in the region.”

The recommissioned kiln is expected to be fully operational and delivering cement by the second quarter of 2021.

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