Benetech MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard & Belt Support System

Maintaining a safe, steady, and profitable production is vital to any material handling operation. When a conveyor component is damaged, worn-out, or failing, budgets and time constraints do not always allow for full transfer point system replacement. To combat this issue, Benetech designed the MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard System, an economical answer to your load zone needs. This proven, innovative solution incorporates leading dust and spillage control technologies as pre-engineered components to keep your operation clean, safe, and efficient.

The MaxZone load zone’s modular design allows you to replace components without having to alter schedules for special permits or extended shutdowns. Additionally, the system is affordable and straightforward to install, requires no welding, and can be retrofit to current systems. The MaxZone is available in standard sizes and lengths based on your conveyor belt’s width and speed.

The Benetech MaxZone features:

  • MaxZone XN Liners to seal your system and extend the life and production of your chute work with an externally adjusted internal wear liner. This external adjustment minimizes downtime and eliminates the need for confined space entry.
  • An efficient sealing system to contain dust, eliminate spillage and reduce clean-up with no-hassle, quick release clamps, and seals on the sides of the load zone.
  • Dust Tight Inspection Doors designed for easy access to critical areas while keeping dust out.
  • Tailseal to reduce maintenance time by preventing material spillage and rollback.
  • Easy Change-Out Dust Curtain to reduce fugitive dust and improve housekeeping by interrupting airflow and allowing dust to settle on the belt.
  • Unique Peaked Hood Design contains escaped material and provides superior passive dust control. The sloped design reduces the settling of dust as well.
Benetech MaxZone Skirtboard

To ensure productivity goes uninterrupted, conveyor systems must have proper belt support too. The MaxZone Belt Support System extends the life of your belt, reduces material spillage, and decreases downtime. Designed with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, these products maximize material flow and ensure superior belt support.

Belt Support and Belt Tracking features include:

  • Simple Slide-Out Idlers to achieve ideal safety and serviceability with roller frames that slide into place without the need to remove adjacent idlers. Beyond providing superb belt support, the frames are easy to install and maintain.
  • Warrior Impact Bed or Roll & Guide Support Bed to support and stabilize the conveyor belt during loading to defend it from damage.
  • SureGuide Training Idlers to prevent belt mistracking by responding instantly to the misalignment of the belt without special modifications to the structure.
Benetech MaxZone Skirtboard

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