Granite Opens Solari Aggregate Plant in California

SOURCE: Granite | January 18, 2021

Granite has opened a solari aggregate plant in Arvin, California, which it says is capable of processing more than 1,000 tonnes of sand and gravel per hour.

Granite says solari will safely and sustainably provide aggregate and asphalt to private and public customers in the city of Bakersfield.

According to Granite, the new 700-acre plant produces 70 million tonnes of additional high-quality reserves.

The automated plant controls are expected to maximise the plant feed rate and crusher production. A new wash plant produces concrete aggregates while minimising the demand for fresh water with its engineered three-stage water management system, the company adds.

The company insists the variable frequency drives and plant automation reduce the facility power demand. 

Exploration of the solari aggregate deposit began in 2006, permitting began in 2008 and facility construction began in September of 2019. Aggregate production began in December 2020 and asphalt production will begin during the second quarter of 2021.

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