FLSmidth Announces Sale of Fabric Filter Technology to Simatek

SOURCE: FLSmidth | December 29, 2020

FLSmidth, the Danish cement and mining equipment and linked services giant, has agreed to sell fabric filter technology, a non-core business of its advanced filter technology (AFT), to Simatek, a Denmark-based manufacturer of industrial filters.

FL Smidth has sold its fabric filter technology to Simatek

The transaction has substantial benefits for both parties: FLSmidth will retain its core AFT operations, which continue to be key in the delivery of FLSmidth’s MissionZero strategy; while the acquisition will allow Simatek to gain scale, widen its product portfolio and enhance its filter technology.

As part of this transaction, FLSmidth and Simatek have entered into a cooperation agreement. Under this agreement, Simatek will supply FLSmidth with fabric filters. In turn, FLSmidth will become a supplier of filter bags and filter cages to Simatek.

The cooperation agreement will enable FLSmidth to enhance its MissionZero strategy by reaching more clients with core products that focus on reducing particle emissions.

Flemming Jensen, Head of Air Pollution Control at FLSmidth, commented: “We believe Simatek is an ideal partner to receive our technology. By combining our bags and cages offering with Simatek’s extended industrial filters portfolio, we have created a strong collaboration that will greatly benefit our MissionZero strategy and our customers’ overall green agenda.”

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