Underloading of Trucks Costs Mines a Fortune in Lost Production Every Day

SOURCE: Loadscan | October 30, 2020

Loadscan, leaders in load volume scanning have found that most mines are regularly underloading their trucks. Underloading requires additional truck movements to shift the same amount of material, which can substantially reduce profitability and return on capital employed.

In one customer example, a mine running a fleet of CAT777 trucks, they saw that stated load volumes were being over-reported by 13.7%. This was only uncovered during a load audit study when a representative sample of loads were measured against actual load volumes scanned with the Loadscan LVS system.

As a result of the load audit study, the customer purchased a Loadscan LVS. After implementing the LVS system they were able to increase actual loaded volumes by 15.8%. The Loadscan LVS accurately measures all loads and automatically generates 3D scan images that clearly indicate underloading, enabling corrective action (including operator training and coaching) to be taken. In addition, the scans indicate if there is carryback in the bins, enabling it to be accounted for and deducted from shift tallies. This improves the accuracy of actual loads shifted, plus being aware of carryback enables the bin to be scraped out, further improving trucking factors.

In the above customer example, underloading required 1,772 additional truck loads to shift 1,000,000 tonne material (based on a density factor of 1.8). By saving that many truck loads as a result of optimised loading they were able to substantially increase production and profitability, as well as improve return on their capital assets.

Loadscan’s business focus is on helping mines and civil operators optimise loading by maximising every truck load, thereby increasing trucking factors and improving business profits.

How confident are you that your trucks are being fully loaded? Click on the link to calculate how much value your operation could be losing due to underloading.


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Over 20 years ago Loadscan invented and patented the original  load volume scanner, and since then we have been the market leader in providing certified* accurate and reliable load information. Loadscan is the only volumetric scanning manufacturer with internationally recognised Weights and Measurement Certifications*, which ensures that when we measure loads you can be confident they are absolutely accurate to +/-1%. 

Our advanced volume scanning and measurement systems provide the detailed insights necessary for mines to optimise production loading and throughput. Our business is about improving the profitability of our global customer base, and our load scanning technology is enabling substantially improved operational and financial performance for forward-thinking mines across the world.

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