Minet Lacing Technology (MLT) MS® Fasteners – Superior Installation Using Screws

The MLT MS® Fasteners for Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts feature patented, self-tapping screws that install directly into the belt without compromising its strength or integrity. The screws ensure a superior, positive compression that greatly enhances the quality and life of the repair.

MLT MS® Fasteners

MS® Fasteners:

  • Install quickly and easily with a drill
  • No complex or expensive tooling is required
  • Do not require pre-drilling, templates or hammering rivets
  • Can be used with any type of belt
  • Reduce costly downtime
MLT MS® Fasteners

MS® Fasteners are available in:

  • Galvanized carbon steel
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Five different sizes to accommodate a range of belt thickness (1/8” to ¾”) and PIW (350-800)
  • Nylon covered galvanized -or- stainless steel pins

Click here to watch a MS® Fastener installation video

Click here for the MS® Fastener Brochure

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    Minet Lacing Technology (MLT) manufactures a broad range of innovative conveyor belt fastener solutions for mining and aggregate operations. MLT has been supplying operations of every size with the right-sized solution since 1945. We offer 19 different product options for conveyor belt fasteners and splices.

    MLT sets the benchmark for the most reliable solutions for your conveyor belt joining needs, offering clients the ease of mind knowing the most efficient method to repair or install a conveyor belt is being used.