Dyno Nobel Launches ΔE2, An Easy-To-Use System to Allow Targeted Placement of Energy in the Blast Hole

Dyno Nobel, a global leader in commercial explosives, launches ΔE2, an easy-to-use software system that utilizes data from outside sources, such as drills, face profiles or other data, that characterizes rock properties to allow targeted placement of energy in the blast hole. This new software system can send loading instructions directly to the pump truck control system ensure boreholes are loaded as designed, giving control back to the engineer or blaster.

Dyno Nobel ΔE2

The ΔE2 system can improve shovel dig rates, improve crusher throughput and lower overall drill and blast costs. Furthermore, this new system improves operator efficiency by simplifying the loading process and allowing explosives’ energy to be accurately placed in the blast hole, thus reducing oversize and/or fines.

The ΔE2 Pre-Load desktop software, part of the new ΔE2 system, allows users to precisely place energy within the shot and can be used by blasters and engineers to optimize energy placement within each borehole in the shot. The system can import data from multiple sources, including data from the Dyno Nobel mobile suite of applications that can create shot designs, to allow users an easy way to control the loading of a blast. Users can view powder factors that can be changed on the fly, which gives the engineer and blaster the ability to understand explosives usage prior to loading the shot, enabling them to control the actual shot cost.

View Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrfRORhNBus?

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    Dyno Nobel is a global leader in the commercial explosives industry with over 3,770 employees, including some of the most highly trained blasters and technical experts in the industry. They manufacture over 54 million pounds of packaged explosives and over 1.2 million tons of ammonium nitrate with 32 manufacturing facilities on three continents (including state-of-the-art initiation systems facilities in the United States, Australia and Mexico). Their Engineering and Technology team support domestic and export product sales as well as the use of their cutting-edge technologies around the world.

    Dyno Nobel has customers in the mining, quarry, construction, pipeline and geophysical exploration industries. The company operates in Australia, Canada, the United States, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Papua New Guinea and Turkey. Dyno Nobel manufactures a full line of commercial explosives, including ammonium nitrate, bulk explosives, packaged emulsions, dynamite, detonators (electric, nonelectric and electronic), cast boosters, and detonating cord, as well as surface and underground loading systems and Portable Modular Emulsion Plants. They also offer services, including blast design, shot loading, shot service, vibration control, airblast, flyrock and NOx reduction, through DynoConsult, a specialist consulting division of Dyno Nobel.