Minet Lacing Technology’s (MLT) Fix’N GO – the EASY Solution to Repair Belt Rips & Tears


The Fix’N GO is an innovative solution for quickly repairing belt rips, tears and edge damage. It’s made of a 50mm3 rubber which has a higher abrasion resistance compound than most conveyor belts used today. The Fix’N GO is flexible, resists elongation and maintains its tensile strength in the toughest of conditions.

Repairs are quick, easy and require only a few tools to install it. All you need is a drill, skiver, belt marking pen and utility knife.

Available Versions:

• Abrasion Resistant (AR): galvanized or stainless steel
• Heat Resistant (HOT): up to 400°
• Available in boxes of 2 meters or 20 meters with screws



Click here to watch a Fix’N GO installation video:

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    Minet Lacing Technology (MLT) manufactures a broad range of innovative conveyor belt fastener solutions for mining and aggregate operations. MLT has been supplying operations of every size with the right-sized solution since 1945. We offer 19 different product options for conveyor belt fasteners and splices.

    MLT sets the benchmark for the most reliable solutions for your conveyor belt joining needs, offering clients the ease of mind knowing the most efficient method to repair or install a conveyor belt is being used.