Award Presented to Intelligent Construction Project From CEMEX and Matter Design

SOURCE: CEMEX | September 1, 2020

CEMEX reported today that the project Walking Assembly, which was developed in conjunction with the architectural firm Matter Design, received the R + D 2020 award, as part of the 14th Annual R + D Awards, organized by Architect Magazine, for being “scalable, thought-provoking, and promising in achieving a more equitable and healthy built environment.”

Walking Assembly consists of large concrete blocks specially designed to be transported and interlocked without dependence on heavy machinery, which allows us to imagine a new type of simple, economic and low environmental impact concrete-based construction.

The joint work between Matter Design and CEMEX involved the design, engineering and development of the concrete blocks, between 500 and 700 kg in weight, so that they can be moved, assembled and disassembled intelligently, using the power of a single person through their own hands, without the need for cranes or loading equipment.

The development of Walking Assembly is a collaboration between American design firm Matter Design, led by architect Brandon Clifford and designer Johanna Lobdell, and CEMEX’s Research and Development team, led by Davide Zampini, Head of CEMEX Global R&D and IP Management, who supported the idea from the start to the final production of each of the pieces that comprise the project.

For elaborating the blocks, advanced computational calculation and design methods were combined with the use of special concretes of different densities, so that variable centers of gravity were calibrated with extreme precision that allowed controlling the stability and ease of movement of each one of the elements.

“The innovation and development of new technologies that contribute to promoting construction practices and assembly systems that lay the foundations for a circular economy are areas where CEMEX is increasingly present. Walking Assembly opens the door to this type of project through an innovative technology that reduces the use of machinery and is committed to a new type of intelligent construction with low environmental impact”, explained Davide Zampini, Head of CEMEX Global R&D and IP Management. “At CEMEX, we seek to innovate in the production of concrete, to create a unique product in resistance and resilience, whose environmental impact is minimal, while promoting the development of urban projects and smart structures, as well as sustainable buildings.”

CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable services. CEMEX has a rich history of improving the wellbeing of those it serves through innovative building solutions, efficiency advancements, and efforts to promote a sustainable future.

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