CalPortland Advances Into New, Sustainable and Renewable Cement Products

SOURCE: CalPortland | July 18, 2020

CalPortland has developed a new line of cements containing sustainable materials produced using renewable processes. The range is called Advancement.

According to CalPortland: “This new line of portland-limestone blended cements represents CalPortland’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly products, through the use of sustainable materials and renewable technologies.

“With up to 15% blended limestone by mass, the production of Advancement generates approximately 10% less CO2.

“This reduces the embodied energy per ton of cement compared to ordinary portland cement.”

The company currently offers Advancement Light for aesthetic design and Advancement High Sulphate for general use concrete applications … and when high sulphate resistance is required, both of these products have 10% lower embodied carbon than OPC.

Advancement LT (Light) is: “A lighter colored, higher albedo Type IL portland-limestone cement providing an approximate 10% reduction of CO2 (embodied carbon) compared to common ASTM C150 cements.

“Advancement LT is also preferred when aesthetic architectural design and application are required.

“Advancement HS (High Sulfate) is a portland-limestone blended cement manufactured for general use concrete applications and when high sulfate resistance is required. It reduces the amount of CO2 by approximately 10% while maintaining product performance requirements.”

More products are planned to follow.

“CalPortland continues its commitment to offering sustainable materials and innovative solutions,” says CalPortland President/CEO Allen Hamblen.

“Portland-limestone cements (PLCs) significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced during the cement manufacturing process without sacrificing performance.

The Advancement line of products is another key solution to helping CalPortland achieve its carbon reduction goals.”

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