Caterpillar Foundation Pledges $8.5m to COVID-19 Response Efforts

SOURCE: Caterpillar Foundation | April 15, 2020

The Caterpillar Foundation has pledged $8.5 million to support global communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Caterpillar’s philanthropic arm says the investment will support non-profit organisations who are working to respond to the virus while also providing resources to hospitals, medical staff and patients.

The investment is being distributed among a number of organisations and COVID-19 funds around the world, including the World Health Organisation’s Solidarity Response Fund in the UK, the Feeding America Response Fund and the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund.

Caterpillar’s CEO Jim Umpleby says: “As we all work together to fight the pandemic, the foundation’s resources will provide essential support in communities around the world.”

The foundation is also expanding its existing US Matching Gifts programme to provide a 2:1 match on employee and retiree donations made to eligible non-profits.

Asha Varghese, Caterpillar Foundation president, says: “Our employees and retirees give so generously, and we are proud to amplify their gifts and support our many non-profit partners working tirelessly to keep our communities safe and prosperous.”

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