Mecalac’s Next-generation MCR Compact Excavators Hit North America

SOURCE: Mecalac | March 16, 2020

Mecalac is launching its range of next-generation MCR compact excavators to the North American market. The revamped MCR range has a new, wider cab, a completely new user interface and a new body design.

“We launched the MCR concept in the US back in 2017 – one machine that can dig, load, handle pallets and be used as a tool holder – and the acceptance was really fantastic,” said Patrick Brehmer, head of marketing, product management and design at Mecalac. “People had never seen it before, but immediately they understood the benefits.”

Mecalac has designed its MCRs so that they are compact at both the rear and the front. They can also drive at twice the speed of a standard tracked excavator, 10kph, allowing them to move round the jobsite faster.

The MCR series excavators can also be used as loaders, using skid or loader buckets in the reversed position to move larger volumes. The bucket is supported against the blade so that the force of the thrust is transmitted directly from the undercarriage to the bucket.

The excavators feature Mecalac’s patented boom which folds backwards at 130° backwards, acting as a counterweight to provide stability. This allows them to lift 40% of their own weight.

The MCR range consists of the 6MCR (with two boom options) the 8MCR and the 10MCR.

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