Separation: Eriez White Paper on Magnetic Contaminants Solution

SOURCE: Eriez | February 29, 2020

Pennsylvania– Eriez, a company specializing in separation technologies, has published a white paper on the its high-intensity dry vibrating magnetic filter (DVMF), which removes very fine iron-bearing contaminants from hard-to-flow powders to produce higher-quality end products.

The paper, developed specifically for hard rock mining industry professionals, describes the design of the unique filter and how this technology is proven to be the most effective separation process for hard-rock mining lithium applications.

Hard Rock Mining: High-Intensity Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter (DVMF) Removes Fine Iron-Bearing Contaminants Found in Lithium and Other Hard-To-Flow Powders was written by Eriez and its minerals processing director, Jose Marin. According to the paper, the DVMF is ideal for both lithium producers and users. Its applications include fine sand, glassmaking, talc, clays and various other finely-divided industrial minerals and chemical products.

The paper provides an in-depth description of how the DVMF utilizes a high-intensity electromagnet and flux-converging matrix. The matrix amplifies the magnetic field and provides high-gradient collection sites for the magnetic material as the feed materials filter through. The canister is attached to dual high-frequency, low-amplitude vibratory drives. The drives deliver a strong vibratory action to the canister assembly which enhances the fluidity of very fine powders, resulting in a smooth and even flow of product through the matrix grid.

Marin says that field results prove that the DVMF offers the most effective separation process for hard rock mining lithium applications and explains, “Eriez 5,000 gauss-strength DVMFs reduce contamination to parts per billion, rather than parts per million. These results are a real breakthrough in terms of magnetic contaminant removal in hard rock mining.”

The white paper includes photos of typical DVMF applications, diagrams as well as equipment illustrations.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technologies. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, fluid recycling, flotation, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have applications in several industries.

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