Athabasca Receives Disposition to Open Coffey Lake Public Pit

SOURCE: Athabasca Minerals | February 3, 2020

Athabasca Minerals has received a disposition to open Coffey Lake Public Pit and a surface material lease for the extraction of sand and gravel.

This authorisation allows Athabasca to manage the pit for 15 years on behalf of the province of Alberta, Canada.

The pit is located on 335 hectares of land, 90 km from the city of Fort McMurray and 45 kilometers from Fort McKay.

Robert Beekhuizen, CEO at Athabasca, says: “The annual demand for aggregates in the Ft. McMurray region is considerable, which past production from the Susan Lake Public Pit demonstrated over 20 years. Coffey Lake is able to satisfy this demand as an important supply source, as well as expand the availability of specialty products.”

Athabasca is carrying out clearing and stripping activities in a bid to open aggregate operations no later than the third quarter of 2020. The company has already awarded a clearing contract to Shott Earthworks, a Fort McKay contractor.

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