Sweet Launches Enclosed Belt Conveyor

SOURCE: Sweet Manufacturing Company | November 30, 2019

For nearly 65 years, Sweet Manufacturing Company has provided superior service and the highest quality in material handling equipment. Sweet continues its legacy of quality with the announcement of its new Enclosed Belt Conveyor. The EBC expands on Sweet’s current offering of conveyors which includes Flite-Veyor® Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors, Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Conveyors, Formed Channel Belt Conveyors, and Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyors.

The fully-enclosed belt conveyor with a patent-pending design features auxiliary belt alignment rollers, idler access doors, heavy-duty liners, a self-cleaning tail, and built-in sensor ports. The hip roof allows snow and rain to easily slide off. Available with 24” to 60” belts, the EBC is designed for capacities up to 72,000 BPH! The conveyor features a heavy-duty 45-degree CEMA C6 idler that is sealed for life and easy to maintain. U.S. prime G140 galvanized steel and a snub pulley are standard, and a number of options are available for customization.

Please visit our website, www.sweetmfg.com, to download our Enclosed Belt Conveyor Brochure.  E-mail us at sales@sweetmfg.com or call us at 937.325.1511 for a quote or any additional information about this new product or any of our other premium material handling equipment products from Sweet.

About Sweet Manufacturing: Sweet Manufacturing, established in 1955, is known worldwide as “The Quality Line” for its reputation of outstanding quality products and service. Sweet manufactures bulk material handling, conveying and processing equipment. This includes Silver-Sweet® bucket elevators, Flite-Veyor® drag conveyors, Quick-Key® belt conveyors, Silver-Span® conveyor support systems, Goliath® support towers and Calormatic® multi-purpose heat processors. Sweet’s equipment is made of galvanized steel for maximum life and minimum maintenance with no field welding required. To learn more visit the company’s website at www.sweetmfg.com or contact the Sales Team at sales@sweetmfg.com.

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