Daigh Company is a Distributor of the HIRADO Rock Splitter

Daigh Company would like to introduce the HIRADO Powerful Rock Splitter manufactured by HIRADO KINZOKU KOGYO CO., LTD. from Japan.  Daigh Company is the distributor for this compact yet powerful rock splitter.

HIRADO Rock Splitter
HIRADO Rock Splitter

The HIRADO rock splitter can be used to break bedrock and be utilized in construction to break concrete.  When comparing with conventional breakers and explosive demolition agents, there is less vibration and the splitter is much safer and quieter.  Operation is very simple, insert the wedge into a 4” diameter hole drilled to a depth of 5’ and uses the hydraulics from the excavator to break the rock.


There are several models available and HIRADO has developed the lightest and most powerful large-size rock splitter in its class. Click on www.rocksplittingtech.com

YouTube: Click Here

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Daigh personnel have been in the drilling and demolition industry since 1961 and have been involved with Rock Splitting Mortar since their introduction into the United States market in 1978.

The Daigh Company’s offering:

  • Drill hole pattern  
  • Consulting and training 
  • Assist in locating drilling services

Daigh’s technical staff boasts years of experience with drilling equipment and Rock Splitting Mortar, offering you the best possible solution in any application. We offer specialized drilling equipment which ensures that holes are placed in the best possible manner. Only Daigh gives you the flexibility you need during high profile jobs and adapts easily to unknown or changing conditions.

Daigh insures that your project will be handled professionally with the best personnel and equipment available. We offer everything from Dā-mite® product sales to complete turnkey removal.

Some major projects include:
Airport Construction
Boulders and Mass Rock Formations
Chemical Plants
Hydroelectric Plants
Machinery Foundations
Road Construction
Scaling of High Walls
Trench Rock