Truong Delivering Ready-Mix Concrete Equipment to North America

SOURCE: Truong | June 16, 2019

Vietnamese carmarker Truong Hai Automobile has partnered with Cemex and Green Trailer & Equipment to bring ready-mix concrete equipment and semi-trailers to North America.

According to a report by The Phnom Penh Post, a representative from Truong said the first shipment ready-mix-concrete containers and semi-trailers will be delivered to Mexico and North America next month.

Thaco intends to manufacture at least 1,000 pieces of equipment at the trailer and special vehicles factory in the Quang Nam-based Thaco-Chu Lai Mechanical Automotive industrial park.

The automaker exports locally manufactured cars and bus to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar, and accessories and spare parts to Korea, Malaysia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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