Strata HazardAvert® Increases Safe Work Near Heavy Machinery

The mining and construction industries across the globe have continued to drive the need for solutions to prevent machinery-to-people and machinery-to-machinery accidents and collisions. Proximity detection and collision avoidance systems are being installed on mobile machinery in surface and underground mining operations all around the world, across all commodities, and are proving to successfully help reduce fatal accidents and injuries. Their success has been achieved by providing early warning alarms against potential danger, increasing workers’ and vehicle operators’ safety awareness. Studies show that, in surface operations, a vast majority of accidents and injuries occur when machinery is in reverse or traveling at lower rates of speed.


Strata Worldwide

Strata Worldwide has almost a decade of experience with proximity detection in the mining industry and has placed more than 2,000 HazardAvert™ proximity detection and collision avoidance systems in mining operations across the globe.

Strata Worldwide
Strata Worldwide

“We have taken our years of experience with the technology, working closely with mining operations, to develop a system that not only provides heightened worker safety on the job, but also continues to be easy to integrate into daily operations — and with easy, quick maintenance,” states Mike Berube, president and CEO of Strata Worldwide.

Strata Worldwide

Strata’s HazardAvert’s “warning” and “hazard” zones, sometimes also called “red zones,” around machinery are created by an electromagnetic system that detects when other vehicles or pedestrians are in breach of this zone. Even while machinery is parked, the zones are always active. If the zones are breached at any point, visual and audible warning alarms alert the operator and the pedestrian to bring attention to the situation before an accident occurs.

HazardAvert is designed to overcome dangers and limitations such as poor visibility and bad weather conditions, inherent blind spots of machinery and diverse size scales of vehicles and machinery. The technology works seamlessly on any number of machines and individuals in a single working section.

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Strata Worldwide , established in 1992, has spent decades becoming a leading global provider of many products, services and technologies that are vital to bringing the highest level of safety to mining operations across the globe.

From its global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Strata has built upon a diverse product portfolio that includes the leading proximity detection and collision avoidance technology, HazardAvert®. HazardAvert, designed to increase miners’ safety while working around heavy machinery, promotes safer working practices through increased safety awareness and modified worker behavior. It works to prevented accidents and collisions which in-turn improves overall productivity and efficiency.