AEM Urges the Whitehouse to End Tariffs

SOURCE: AEM | May 12, 2019

Right now, farmers, workers, business owners, and families alike—all across the nation—are being hurt by tariffs. These tariffs are taxes on Americans, and they have already caused enormous pain. But now, the Trump Administration wants to raise them even further.

President Trump announced that he will increase certain tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion of goods, and plans to introduce another 25 percent tariff on another $350 billion of goods in the coming months.

Make no mistake. We agree with the President that we need trade deals that are both free and fair. But doubling down on taxing Americans as a negotiating tactic only makes a bad situation worse.

These tariffs will hurt American families that are just trying to get by, like the soybean farmer who can’t plant crops this year because there is no way to make a profit on account of retaliatory tariffs, the manufacturing worker laid off among 2.16 million other jobs lost as a result of the combined tariffs, or the family struggling to make ends meet because tariffs have cost them an additional $2,300 per year.

Americans shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of these additional taxes. Make your voice heard and tell President Trump to not add new tariffs and remove those already in place!

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