AZFAB Introduces QUAD Attrition Mill

AZFAB QUAD Attrition Mills were designed to scrub sand particles against one another in order to liberate ultra fine materials. Once the ultra fines are liberated they can easily be rinsed away resulting in a noticeable improvement of material turbidity.

  • Process 300TPH
  • Maximize retention time to allow for best possible scrub
  • Easily serviceable modules to maximize uptime
  • Modular paddle shaft design with replaceable paddles
  • Removable internal rubber coated wear liners
  • Self contained auto lubricating gear boxes
  • Top mounted inspection ports

To learn more about AZFAB QUAD Attrition Mill go to the CONTACT tab or WEBSITE link below to reach AZFAB directly.

323 Energy Way, Bridgeport, TX 76426
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AZFAB is an industry leader in plant and process design, we’re able to go beyond the traditional role of manufacturer and offer innovative solutions to key industry problems. We offer dewatering screens, vertical durability cells, thickeners, hydro-cyclones, fractionator, and plate & frame presses. The vertical durability cell provides the scrubbing power necessary to liberate clays and allow for additional scrubbing. Whatever your fines material processing needs are, we’re sure to have a solution that works for you.