Local Sand and Gravel Operation Acquires Second ThorLoPro from Thor Global

A local sand and gravel operation in Wisconsin recently acquired a second ThorLoPro™ telescopic stacker. The LPT150x36-0800 unit was purchased to run 3/4in washed stone along with an LPT140x36-0500 running washed ready mix aggregate.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

Operations manager Jeff Konop enjoys how easy the machine is to use, “when you come in and move it within the plant there’s very little to set up. The drop height is nice and you don’t have to worry about putting conveyors up in the air, you just slide them into position and go.”

The ThorLoPro™ low profile telescopic portable radial conveyor features the lowest feed height in the industry. Thor Global has improved the overall structural design of this telescopic stacker with the patented low profile assembly. The new design has resulted in a more versatile product that is both easier to set-up and operate.

By relocating the hinge point away from the receiving hopper, the pivot point remains constant at all times. Since the hopper does not move, the material always hits the same area. Great for all applications! The low drop height of the ThorLoPro™ makes this stacker easier to line material into the hopper.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

“What we like about the new low profile conveyors is how the feed hopper accepts material. The hopper angle never changes so you can concentrate on your wear area and where your problems are going to be and just let it go like that,” says Konop.

As for service and reliability, Thor is the brand of choice. “Over the past 10 years or so of dealing with Thor, the service and reliability of their products has been outstanding, very few issues. I mean if there’s an issue its resolved.” says Konop.

For a look at the ThorLoPro™ in action, check out the video

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