Drone Footage of a ThorStacker Telescopic Conveyor Stockpiling Gravel

Come take a bird’s-eye-view of one of our ThorStackers stacking high-quality gravel. With the help of an aerial drone, we were able to capture footage of the action from way up high to see the big picture.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

This ThorStacker is stacking left to right in radial motion while also utilizing its telescopic ability to move linearly along the length of the outer conveyor. The inner (or stinger) conveyor shifts the location of the discharge pulley by indexing in and out. The height of the discharge pulley is also variable, thereby allowing the operator to build a layered pile with significantly less compaction and segregation.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

Each ThorStacker conveyor comes with a standard programmable logic control (or PLC), which allows the telescopic stacker to stockpile aggregate in a continuous series of “layered” radial windrows, preventing the gravitational separation of large and small particles.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

The Load Equalizing System (or LES) also comes standard, and this feature provides the overall machine structure with greater support and durability under the stresses of heavier loads. They are also equipped with a fully braced undercarriage to allow the upper and lower portions of the undercarriage to be well supported at all times.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

For more information, please contact your local Thor representative or [visit our blog post on our website] to check out the drone footage for yourself.

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Thor Global Enterprises Ltd. is an international manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment for applications ranging from mining, recycling and aggregate to ship, barge and rail loading and unloading facilities.

Standard products include:
· ThorStacker™ telescopic portable radial conveyor

· ThorLoPro™ low profile telescopic portable radial conveyor

· ThorTowerStacker™ telescopic cable mast conveyor

· ThorTopFold™ portable radial conveyor

· ThorLinks radial conveyor

· ThorStackable™ portable radial transfer conveyors

Thor Global offers multiple custom solutions with more than 40 years of experience in rugged products such as tower cranes, trommel screens, screening plants, turnkey systems, cable mast systems and bridge conveyors.