Iron Ore Mining in Africa with Thor Global

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

Thor Global has designed and manufactured a 135ft long by 48 belt width Telescopic
Stacker with a capacity of 2200 MTPH for one of Africa’s biggest iron mining sites

What was also originally a 14-15 week project ended up being completed in 9-10 weeks due to the customers tighter time restrictions. This galvanized stacker is one of the first 48in stackers designed with a higher capacity to stockpile iron ore. It is also one of the first machines to be designed and distributed for this customer in Africa.

The stacker was originally supposed to be shipped to the mining facility, however, due to an emergency at the port facility it was first utilized there before being moved anywhere else. This unique circumstance proves just how versatile the ThorStackers are, and when help is needed,

Thor Global will always come to the rescue!

To learn more about Thor Stackers go to the CONTACT tab or WEBSITE link below to reach Thor directly.

Thor Global Enterprises Ltd
839 Westport Crescent Mississauga ON L5T 1E7 Canada
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Thor Global Enterprises Ltd. is an international manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment for applications ranging from mining, recycling and aggregate to ship, barge and rail loading and unloading facilities.

Standard products include:
· ThorStacker™ telescopic portable radial conveyor

· ThorLoPro™ low profile telescopic portable radial conveyor

· ThorTowerStacker™ telescopic cable mast conveyor

· ThorTopFold™ portable radial conveyor

· ThorLinks radial conveyor

· ThorStackable™ portable radial transfer conveyors

Thor Global offers multiple custom solutions with more than 40 years of experience in rugged products such as tower cranes, trommel screens, screening plants, turnkey systems, cable mast systems and bridge conveyors.